Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA & Literacy

Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects

CCSS ELA Progressions - digital version - easily view ELA standards progressions across grade levels
Close Reading of the Writing Standards and Writing With Mentor Texts - NC presentations

Apps for Teaching Writing
Confer - Observation and notetaking app
Top 10 - Teaching Writing in the Common Core Era
In Common Samples of common core-aligned student writing (K-12)

Kansas Standards and Resources
Kansas College & Career Ready Standards for ELA & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science & Technical Subjects

Common Core Writing Resources

Lessons from LearnZillion -video tutorials and lesson sets
Lessons from Achieve the Core
Text Types and Purposes
Grammar and the Common Core - excellent discussion and teaching ideas
K-5 Bookmarks K-2 Continuum, K-12 Writing Flipbooks and Rubrics aligned to CCSS
In Common - Samples of CC-aligned student writing for K-12
Engaging in Academic Writing - presentation and resources from Odell Education
Smarter Balanced ELA Writing Rubrics and other teacher-developed, CC-aligned rubrics
Michigan's Mission Literacy CC-aligned writing resources
__Writing Navigator__ - writing tools for planning, drafting, revising, and publishing
__Digital Writing Resources__ -- great “one-stop” resource

Connect Writing to Reading
__NewsELA__ -news articles, ability to adjust Lexile levels
__ReadWorks.org__- __reading passages__, lessons, & units (sort by grade, Lexile, domain, text type, skill)
__Scholastic News__ - news and current events for kids
__LearnZillion__ - video tutorials and lesson sets
Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) - create CC-aligned, evidence-based reading/writing tasks (Guidebook)
Complete units for 6-12 ELA, science, and social studies based on LDC framework (EduCore)
LDC “template tasks” provide fill-in-the-blank shells that teachers use to create powerful assignments
Literacy Design Collaborative - Template Tasks -Elementary
OREO Writing Strategy -graphic organizers, anchor chart and video
Complete units for 6-12 ELA, science, and social studies based on LDC framework (EduCore)

Lesson Videos

Using a Learning Progression to Help Students Self Assess Their Writing (K-2))
Whole Class Instruction –Use Academic Vocabulary in Informational Writing (K-2)
Monster Match -Using Art to Improve Writing (2nd-3rd)
Teaching Opinion & Argument Writing (3rd-5th)
Analyzing Text -Text Talk Time (4th-5th)
Analyzing Text -Putting Thoughts on Paper (4th-5th)
Improving Student Writing Through Conferencing (3rd-5th)
Peer Conferencing (K-8th)
Teacher's College - Reading & Writing Lessons (K-8th)
Getting Ready to Write - Citing Textual Evidence (6th-8th)
Developing a Claim -Comparing Two Informational Texts (6th-8th)
Understanding Author's/Writer's Purpose (6th-8th)
Exploring Imagery Through Beowulf - Narrative Writing (6th-8th)
Living Wax Museum-High School Biography Project (9th-12th)
Grant Writing -Blending Literature and Community (9th-12th)
Analyzing and Adapting Texts (9th-12th)
Small Group Writing (9th-12th)

Resources for Teaching Writing (General)

Teaching the Three Types of Writing - posters: writing like a reporter, storyteller, and debater
Teaching Elementary Students to be Effective Writers - Research recommendations
__Incorporate Persuasive, Informative, & Narrative Writing in PK-1__ (video)
Teaching Primary Writers -Resources for PreK- 3rd
25 Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing
How to Provide Effective Feedback
Web English Teacher
20 Most Common Errors - Tools to address and correct errors
Strategy Guides and teaching resources from ReadWriteThink
WritingFix - teaching resources, lesson plans, RAFTs, mentor texts, 6-trait resources
Scholastic Writing - mini-lesson, lesson plans, reproducibles, professional articles
Eduplace - Writing prompts for K-5 from Houghton-Mifflin
Write Source - Writing prompts/topics, student writing models, publish student writing
Teaching That Makes Sense - Strategy guides and resources for teaching writing
Write to Learn activities and strategies for writing across the curriculum
Why use writing to learn activities? article from the Center for Teaching Excellence
R.A.F.T. writing strategy and student template from
Links to more resources for teaching writing
Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing - Describes the skills that are critical for success in college writing; good resource for high school teachers
Resources for Teaching Writing - from the National Writing Project
Transitional Words & Phrases Chart
Graphic Organizers
Podcasting for Personalizing Feedback (video) -- Great idea for scoring student work!

Resources for Teaching Opinion and Argument

Persuasive vs. Argumentative Writing T-Chart
Require What & Why in Primary Opinion Writing (video)
Common Core Argument/Opinion Writing - K-12 student writing samples, prompts and source texts included
OREO Writing Strategy -graphic organizers, anchor chart and video
Understanding and Evaluating Argument - Background knowledge and resources for teaching argument, reasoning, and critical thinking (Toulmin Model)
Toulmin Argumentation Model and writing guide; brief definition sample essay how-to graphic organizer
Collection of resources for teaching argument from the Utah Educator Network
Room for Debate from the New York Times Learning Network: Great resources for teaching argument. For more ideas, read the article Constructing Arguments: ‘Room for Debate’ and the Common Core Standards
Debate Curriculum, K-12 topics and resources from Florida for teaching argument and debate
Pros and cons of 48 controversial issues
Argument, Persuasion, or Propaganda? -Comparison handout from ReadWriteThink
Argument Essay Planning Organizer
Developing Evidence-Based Arguments from Texts - strategy guide and lessons from ReadWriteThink
Literacy Design Collaborative - Template Tasks and "How-to" article
They Say/I Say Templates Templates example #2
Literacy Design Collaborative - Template Tasks -Elementary
OREO Writing Strategy -video

Resources for Teaching Informative/Explanatory and Narrative Writing

Common Core Informative/Explanatory Writing - K-12 student writing samples, prompts and source texts included
Common Core Narrative Writing - K-12 student writing samples, prompts and source texts included
Content Cards - Text structure resources for organizing writing
Literacy Design Collaborative - Template Tasks and "How-to" article
Article of the Week from Kelly Gallgher
Guide to Technical Writing

Resources for Teaching Media/Digital Literacy

Why Digital Writing Matters in the Common Core - CC-ELA Standards and digital writing alignment
Digital Writing Tools and Apps
Common Sense Media
Browse tools, lessons, media reviews developed by CWP partner, Common Sense Media, that help you teach your students and children about becoming responsible, informed, and engaged digital citizens.
  • National Writing Project Digital Is website is a collection of ideas, reflections and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital, interconnected world.

Resources for Teaching Research

Student-friendly websites for research
Researching to Deepen Understanding, Complete Units for Grades 6-12
Research Criteria Matrix for Grades 6-12
Assessing Sources, Student Handout
Potential Sources, Student Organizer
Posing Inquiry Questions and Forming & Writing Evidence-Based Claims - student handouts
Area of Investigation, Area Evaluation Checklist
Exploring a Topic Organizer and Annotated Version
Research Evaluation Criteria and Peer Evaluation Tools
How to Cite Sources -Tutorial on what needs to be cited
Finding and Using Literary Criticism - 9-12
Digital Literacy - Lessons, videos, and teaching resources from Common Sense Media


Using Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy Sites
Using Keywords to Improve Research
Fair Use and Copyright in a Digital Age
Exploring Copyrights and Wrongs

Writing Across the Curriculum - Resources
Research Reports and Articles:
Great Source iWrite website

WritingFix website

Teacher and student writing resources from Write Source:

6+1 Trait Writing

6 +1 Traits of Writing - description of model and individual traits
6+1 Trait Writing Rubrics
6+1 Trait Writing LiveBinder
6-Traits Teachers Guide
Write Traits Survival Guide Huge .pdf file with organizers, examples, and lesson plans.
Grading Charts - Turning rubric scores into grades
Frequently Asked Questions about teaching the traits
6+1 Trait Writing Lessons for K-8

6+1 Traits of Writing and the Common Core State Standards
Powerpoint -- Brief introduction to the 6 +1 Traits

Student-Friendly 6-Trait Writing Rubrics

Classroom Resources for Teaching the Traits

Teaching ideas organized by trait
How to Introduce the Traits and get started
Traits for Primary Writers from Writing Fix
Writing Fix - Quality lessons and resources to teach writing -- a great site!
Mentor Texts (huge list of picture and chapter books) and Lessons to teach the traits, organized by trait.

Additional primary & elementary 6-Trait resources from Susan Nixon

Teaching Writing - resources, posters, and links to more great resources from Kim's Korner
6-Trait Posters from The Reading Lady
Ideas for teaching the traits of writing (many from Buhler teachers!)
6 Traits of Revision from Scholastic
Grammar and Interactive Writing Activities
6-Trait Resources Blog
6-Trait Resources and Links from Wired Instructor

Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics
No Red Ink
What Works (and Does Not Work) in Teaching Grammar (List of 12 principles)
Teaching Grammar: What Works & What Doesn't Key Points from Research and Research Review
Grammar and the Common Core - excellent discussion and teaching ideas
Guidance on Teaching Writing and Questions about Grammar Instruction from NCTE
Role of Grammar in Improving Student's Writing
Teaching Conventions in the Common Core - from Vicki Spandel
Sentence Combining - good alternative to traditional grammar instruction
Guide to Grammar and Writing - online grammar practice
Connecting Ideas - Using Transition Words and Phrases Handout
Sentence Lifting: D.O.L. That Makes Sense - A strategy from Pennington Publishing Blog
Practice Grammar with Technology - links to websites for grammar practice
Grammar and Interactive Writing Activities

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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