KCCSS History, Government, Social Studies Standards & Resources

Standards Documents & National Associations

Kansas College & Career Ready Standards for History, Government, and Social Studies (HGSS)
National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies (NCSS)
C3 (College, Career, & Civic Life) Framework for Social Studies from NCSS
Social Studies Related Organizations
Kansas Heritage Center

Social Studies Resources & Websites:

Lori's HGSS WIX site
Resources from KSDE
http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/ - History through the eyes of those who lived it
http://historyexplorer.si.edu/home/ - Smithsonian's History Explorer
http://pbskids.org/democracy/parents-and-teachers/ The Democracy Project (Grade 3-6) lesson plans & activities that relate to the American democratic process
Social Studies videos, lessons, & interactives from PBS LearningMedia K-12, searchable by grade and topic
Thinkfinity lessons & digital resources for K-12, searchable by standards and grade level
U.S. History Lesson Plans
Primary and Secondary Sources - lesson plans on George Washington 5-9
Social Studies Central - Great teaching and tech resources from Glenn Wiebe
Social Studies Resources - Links to great online teaching resources complied by Tammy Worcester
101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class -- Essential sites for teachers of history, government, civics, economics, and social studies.

Literacy in Social Studies:

The ability to read historical documents including contemporary explications about societal, economic and political issues provides a direct link to literacy as preparation for citizenship. As in the other disciplines, schools are unique sites for youth across class and ethnic boundaries to learn to read such documents and to develop the skills to engage in such reading for college and career success.

Covering New Ground Wiki --

This online resource was built specifically for the 6-12 Science, Social Studies and Technical Subject teacher. The Common Core State Standards initiative has created English Language Arts standards specifically for these classrooms. The information presented will help to understand the standards as well as develop tools and lesson plans for implementation.
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Informational Texts for Social Studies and English Language Arts

The New York Times Learning Network

  • The New York Times has professional educators who create weekly lesson plans incorporating news articles from the paper. This page provides teaching and learning strategies you can use before, during, and after instruction.
Reading Like a Historian
  • A curriculum that engages students in historical inquiry. The Standford History Education Group produced over 75 Lesson Plans based on primary documents and activities to engage your students in the study of United States History. Asks students to form an opinion, and debate primary source materials: meaningful historical inquiry.
The Library of Congress section on American Memory
  • An indispensable archive from the Library of Congress section on American Memory. Download historical pamphlets from the African American pamphlet collection, or three centuries of broadsides, including invitations to pioneers to get their land grants. Look at photographs from the Depression, or from the American West. Subheadings lead you to the archives of collections. You can print from the online image.
The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum
  • One of the greatest and most accessible resources for any study of the Holocaust. Print photographs, letters, diary entries. Access historical summaries. Don’t miss the Education department, which provides resources for teachers.
Time For Kids
  • Time Magazine's kids friendly articles.
Docs Teach
  • Over Four Thousand primary documents from the National Archives; tons of resources and ready to use tools to enhance your instruction
Gilder Lehrman Institute
  • A massive variety of resources to assist teachers and students; provides documents and exercises for classroom use, and encourages excellence in student writing with essay prizes.
Digital History
  • Plenty of useful materials such as an alternative textbook, teaching ideas, primary documents, learning modules, and media rich lessons.
NROC(National Repository of Online Courses)
  • The National Repository of Online courses: provides teachers with video clips on every unit, key readings, and so much more.
Teaching History
  • Designed by the National History Education Clearinghouse. Offers history materials from “Ask a Historian" and other best practices.
  • From the National Endowment from the Humanities. This website offers free resources and over 393 history lessons for teachers. These lessons stress primary source documents, critical thinking, and other common core skills. The website is extremely easy to navigate and it has a plethora of valuable and easy to implement lessons.
DBQ and Thematic Essay
  • Greece Public Schools in Greece, NY has collections of Document Based Questions and Thematic Essays. Many come from New York State exams
Eye Witness to History
  • This site incorporates primary sources such as first-hand accounts, vintage photographs, and radio broadcasts into the classroom.
Pearson Hall
  • Online educational materials FREE for educators such as vocabulary building activities, review games, interactive links, and assessments.
Discovery Learning
  • Discovery Education supports teachers in accelerating student achievement, bringing the world of Discovery into classrooms to ignite students' natural curiosity.
How Stuff Works
  • Explanations of just about everything.

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  2. Skills Cluster 1 -Preparing for The Task
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  2. Skills Cluster 1 -Preparing for The Task
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  2. Skills Cluster 1 -Preparing for The Task
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