Next Generation Science Standards

Standards Documents

Next Generation Science Standards, arranged by topic and disciplinary core idea
Understanding the Next Gen Science Standards
NGSS - Disciplinary Core Idea Progressions (Appendix E)
NGSS - Model Course Mapping in MS and HS (Appendix K)
NGSS - Connections to CCSS Math
NGSS - Connections to CCSS for Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects
CCELA/Literacy - Common Core Standards for Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects (6-12)

Science Resources & Websites:

KSDE Science website
SCKESC (Lori's) - NGSS Wix Site
Matt's Krehbiel's KSDE NGSS Prezi - Standards overview presentation
Interactive Path Finder to NGSS lessons and activities from The Concord Consortium - Science lessons and tools for K-12, searchable by grade and topic - Hands-on science lessons for K-6
Chemistry - Lessons, labs, and video resources for teaching Energy
NASA's Space Place - lessons aligned to NGSS
Science videos, lessons, & interactives from PBS LearningMedia K-12 searchable by grade and topic
Science Resources - Links to K-12 online teaching resources
LiveBinder 100+ Stem Websites and Webtools for Teachers
Ohio DOE- Eye of Integration- Help for transitioning to new science standards
Science News-
National Science Digital Library - STEM resources and Science Literacy Maps
K-12 Curriculum from New Jersey Center for Teaching & Learning - courses & teaching resources aligned to NGSS
NSDL Science Literacy Maps

Literacy in Science:

The demands of comprehending scientific text are discipline specific and are best learned by supporting students in learning how to read a wide range of scientific genres. Besides text structures emphasizing cause and effect, sequencing and extended definitions, as well as the use of scientific registers, evaluating scientific arguments requires additional skill sets for readers.

Covering New Ground Wiki --

This online resource was built specifically for the 6-12 Science, Social Studies and Technical Subject teacher. The Common Core State Standards initiative has created English Language Arts standards specifically for these classrooms. The information presented will help to understand the standards as well as develop tools and lesson plans for implementation.
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Sources for Science News Articles

Science News for Kids
Science Daily - Health - Technology & Science - Health
New York Times - Science
New York Times - Health

The Natural Inquirer-
FREE middle school science education journal that contains real research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.
Science News For Kids
The name says it all, “Science News for Kids.” You can save and download articles as PDF files!
BBC News: Science and Environment
Current science news articles that are short in length, but high in quality
Discovery Science
Part of the Common Core science literacy standards requires students to compare information from different resources, including videos. Discovery has wonderful, up-to-date science videos
Current articles, blog posts, videos, webinars and lessons from NASA
Science Daily
An aggregate of science research, updated daily
Earth Observatory
Articles, blogs, videos, and photographs about the planet Earth
E! Science News
Popular Science news articles
Literacy in CTE Lessons
Search the lesson plan database of literacy strategies in CTE from the National Research Council.