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Evaluations of Reading Interventions & Programs

Looking for unbiased reviews of specific reading programs or products? Click on the two links below to view lists of research reviews of popular reading interventions (educational programs, products, practices, or policies).
  • What Works Intervention & Program Reviews What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Reports - This site allows you to choose a topic area to see a list of interventions reviewed in that area or search for a specific intervention. Click on the program link to read an extensive research review.
  • FCRR Reading Program Reviews Easy to read table shows grade levels and correlations to each of the five areas of reading (phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension), plus a link to research review of program. (From Florida Center for Reading Research -FCRR)

Intervention Resources

Florida Center for Reading Research - Instructional Materials for Teachers FCRR
West Virginia Reading First - Phonics Lessons
Adolescent Literacy Classroom Strategies and Resources -AdLit.org
Intervention Central Academic Resources - Intervention Central

Read-Write-Think - readwritethink.org

Learning Point: Reading Strategies


external image pdf.png Reading Teacher's Sourcebook -Secondary.pdf Effective Instruction for Middle School Students with Reading Difficulties from Vaughn Gross Center for Reading & Language Arts www.texasreading.org

external image pdf.png Meeting the Needs of Secondary Struggling Readers.pdf A Resource for Secondary English Language Arts Teachers from Vaughn Gross Center for Reading & Language Arts www.texasreading.org

Curriculum Recommendations for Tier 2 and Tier 3 from Kansas MTSS
Fluency Handouts from FCRR Webinar: external image pdf.png FCRR lecture_series_Fluency.pdf


Assessment Resources

MTSS Assessment Process for Reading:
Short List of Reading Diagnostics:

Measure for Measure - Guide to Reading Comprehension Assessments for Adolescents:

from Center on Instruction (2009)

AIMSweb: AIMSweb

EasyCBM: EasyCBM

QPS - Quick Phonics Screener: QPS from Read Naturally (Sample QPS)

PAST - Phonological Awareness Skills Test: (Sample PAST)

Research Article on use of Mazes to Assess Basic Comprehension: