Back-to-School Professional Development

Is our curriculum fully aligned to the standards? Content and Literacy

Do we have a balance of text types and modes for reading and writing across the curriculum?

How will we incorporate more opportunities to write and research in all classes and grades?

What are our goals for this year? What areas do we need to target?

KCCRS for English Language Arts and Literacy

  • Template Tasks for Writing:

Curriculum Planning - Focus on Text Selection and Range of Writing

Moundridge - Social Studies and Science

Focus Questions:

1. What are our main goals for curriculum alignment?

  • Review the standards. Identify areas that need attention.

  • Reflect on the work you did last year.

  • Review progress of course development in BYOC.

2. Where will we focus our attention this year?

  • What work still needs to be done to fully align our curriculum to the standards?

  • Is there a specific grade, course, and/or standard that is a priority?

  • Where are opportunities for integration? (ELA and HGSS, Math and NGSS)

3. What is our plan to reach our goals?

  • What tasks?

  • What responsibilities?

  • What timeline?

  • What evidence?

    • BYOC

    • Others as needed to track progress (pacing guide, checklist, etc.)

4. Continue working!